About TDA Drivers’ Tennessee Truck Driving School

If you live in Tennessee and need a reliable truck driving school to attend to prepare for your CDL exam, consider the TDA Drivers’ Truck Driving School. This school offers everything you need to be fully prepared for the CDL exam in the state as well as the career of truck driving as a whole.


TDA Drivers’ is located in Memphis, TN.

Truck Driving School Curriculum

Should you sign up for this Tennessee truck driving school, you can expect to be greeted with a wide variety of training options from classroom theory to behind the wheel training. The classroom portion prepares you for the written exam, which covers the laws surrounding truck driving. The behind-the-wheel portion covers actually driving an 18-wheeler on a road course.

Courses last 160 hours and begin every four weeks. Both day and night classes are available.


TDA Drivers’ Truck Driving School provides a variety of financing options. It’s highly unlikely you’ll have to pay out of pocket. A few options available include in-house loans, insurance training vouchers, workers compensation, WIA grants, and the G.I. Bill.

What’s Next?

After you complete a course at TDA Drivers’ in Tennessee, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. Once you pass your CDL or commercial drivers license exam, you can receive job placement assistance.

If you want more information about this Tennessee truck driving school or any other CDL training facility in the state, get in touch with CDLTennessee.com by calling us at 1-800-TRUCKER today. We’ll get you started down the path toward a new career as a truck driver right away.