CDL Training in Tennessee

To become a truck driver in Tennessee, you need to get a commercial driver’s license or CDL. Before you can do that, however, it’s highly advisable to undergo CDL training. This will fully prepare you for the CDL exam so it’s more likely you’ll pass and get out on the road quicker.

What is a CDL Training School?

Living in Tennessee, you actually have a lot of options for CDL training. Before we get into that, however, let’s talk a bit about what CDL training actually covers in the state. A certified school will go over everything you need to know to pass a CDL exam. This means covering all of the relevant information in the state CDL manual, so you are prepared for the knowledge portion of the test. It also means reviewing pre-trip inspection information and behind the wheel skills. After all, it’s important you know how to actually drive the truck to become a truck driver.

Where Can I Find CDL Training in Tennessee?

Regardless of what area of Tennessee you live in, you have an abundance of CDL training school options. While you can find information about this at the state DMV, we’ve also put together information on schools in the state that specialize in preparing students to get their commercial driver’s license. Click on your area below to find our highest rated truck driving schools in the are:

  • CDL Training in or near Memphis, TN
  • CDL Training in or near Jackson, TN
  • CDL Training in or near Cordova, TN
  • CDL Training in or near Millington, TN

Our specialty is putting relevant information about CDL training in Tennessee in one convenient location. This way you can educate yourself on the topic and figure out what’s the best step to take toward pursuing your goals. Plus, we can help you! Browse our educational materials at or call us with your specific questions at 1-800-TRUCKER. We hope to help you get behind the wheel of the big rig soon!