Tennessee Commercial Driver License (CDL)

As a Tennessee resident, you might have concerns about how to go about getting your CDL in the state. Are there any specific state regulations or requirements you need to follow? Do you need to complete specific steps? The answer here of course, is “yes,” and we’re going to spend some time talking about them today.

Tennessee CDL Requirements

To get your Tennessee CDL or commercial driver’s license, you need to first select what type of license you want to get: Class A, B, or C. Then you need to bring in all the appropriate documentation to get your permit. This includes a DOT medical card, your social security card, a valid driver’s license, and proof of residency and/or citizenship.

Next, you need to take the written portion of the CDL exam. You can study for this by reading the CDL manual for the state, and even taking truck driving training. This will prepare you thoroughly for the knowledge exam. Once you pass this test, you will get your CDL permit. Then you’re ready for the skills portion of the test.

Before you actually take the skills test, which is done behind the wheel of the kind of vehicle you want to get your CDL for, you need to complete Tennessee CDL training. There are many different schools in the state that offer comprehensive training that will prepare you for the exam (both knowledge and skills). Hands-on training is best for getting you comfortable in trucks and preparing you for a career as a truck driver. Remember: CDL training prepares you for the CDL exam; truck driving school or training prepares you for a career as a truck driver.

If you need more assistance in navigating the requirements for getting your Tennessee commercial driver’s license or CDL, get in touch with CDLTennessee.com today by giving us a call at 1-800-TRUCKER or filling out our application form. We’d be happy to help you!